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    Magic - Magic Lion

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    Magic, is a unique art form, the main audience was incredible. Magic has a long history in China, during the Han Dynasty have been "dragon fish spread," "East China Sea Huang Gong", etc. forming magic. The first trick is to record "cup and ball trick", which is currently the oldest tricks known to people in the mural Egypt also has a record. The real record performances in its history can be traced back to 1 century.

    Dragon and lion dance arts originated in ancient China, was originally a kind of spontaneous, entertaining, characterized by arbitrariness Han Chinese folk sports activities. Two thousand years, the Dragon and Lion Dances ancient legend, the peak is not bad. And with Chinese migration has spread around the world, loved by the local people. We can say that all the world's a place inhabited by the Chinese, dragon and lion dance movement there.

    But times have changed, "Magic" and "Dragon and Lion Dance performance" among the more powerful constituency organization will make different degrees of change and progress for their own performances, the audience expects a fresh experience. Guo Jinlong now MAGIC3 and Lion Dance work together, spent years of time, the Magic Dragon and Lion perfect combination of art and produced the world's only combination of magic and Dragon and Lion Dance performances --- "Magic Dragon and Lion Dance Department"

    "Magic Dragon and Lion Dance Department" show about seven minutes, the Magic have the effect of "edge out of a giant flower rich", "rich flowers keep out" and "become more vibrant colors more spiritual" magic effect, representing the "bloom wealth "," Mad Mad Mad World to "and" business is booming booming "means, want to see the world's first" magic lion "performances, please contact us as soon as possible now!